Garage Rotterdamabout garage rotterdam

Garage Rotterdamabout garage rotterdam

About Garage Rotterdam -

Garage Rotterdam is a medium-sized exhibition centre for contemporary art in the city centre of Rotterdam. Founded in 2011, it is housed in a unique 500m2 building which used to function as a Volkswagen Garage, but has been transformed into a dynamic non-profit art centre with coffee-corner under the leadership of architect Remy Meijers. By organizing four qualitative art exhibitions yearly, Garage Rotterdam connects local Rotterdam-based artists with established names from the international art scene, therefore creating a platform for upcoming and established artists and curators.

Garage Rotterdam works with a variety of curators who each create three exhibitions spread over 1,5 years at Garage Rotterdam. Our current curators are Reza Afisina and reinaart vanhoe & Nadine van den Bosch.

The exhibitions are complemented by a carefully chosen public program, consisting of screenings, talks, music, performances and readings, bringing together different disciplines and fields. While the event Brandstof brings depth to the exhibitions through a program of talks, readings and performances, the event Natafelen enables the visitors to dine with the artists and curators of the show, all within the ambience of the exhibition and under the culinary vision of chef Marnix Benschop.